• Siemens MOBILETT Plus HP Mobile X Ray
  • Siemens MOBILETT Plus HP Mobile X Ray

Siemens MOBILETT Plus HP Mobile X Ray

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Siemens MOBILETT Plus HP Mobile X Ray. This product provides a dual power source for radiation exposure, providing the option to operate the unit by battery or standard AC power.
The compact, lightweight design and the battery-assisted motor-drive of the MOBILETT Plus HP, ensures ease of transport to any location. The long-reaching, cable-free, counter-balanced swivel arm coupled with Siemens’ patented turnplate, which enables 360-degree pivot, allows for fast and easy positioning. In addition, the MOBILETT Plus HP offers high radiographic output, enabling short exposure times to reduce motion artifacts.


  • All digital controls
  • X-ray output 40-133 Kv, 0.5 – 280 MaS
  • X-ray head rotates, swivels and angles
  • Fully adjustable collimating
  • Operates from either built in rechargeable batteries or while plugged into wall power
  • Can be used in ICU, Coronary care, neonatal (short exposure times 1ms), burn, surgery, pediatrics, ER
  • Maximum output is 20 kW at 102 Kv, 100 MS
  • Built in battery charge meter
  • Overview picture from operators panels
  • Manufacturers plates
  • Battery charge level display
  • Suggested exposure values
  • Various Kv MaS settings
  • Weight is about 640 pounds

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