• AVEA®  ventilator
  • AVEA®  ventilator
  • AVEA®  ventilator
  • AVEA®  ventilator
  • AVEA®  ventilator
  • AVEA®  ventilator

AVEA® ventilator

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The Viasys AVEA ventilator provides comprehensive critical care ventilation for a wide range of patients with complex respiratory diseases. In the ever-changing world of healthcare, you face more challenging patients and more pressure to deliver outcomes. The AVEA was designed with you in mind. Its comprehensive array of clinical tools and advanced monitoring allow you to guide your patient through the continuum of care simply and efficiently with a focus on improving outcomes.

As an integral part of the Viasys ventilation system solution, the AVEA ventilator not only meets your most demanding clinical needs with features such as invasive and noninvasive ventilation for all patients types, volumetric capnography and Esophageal Pressure Monitoring, but also brings actionable information to help better address clinical and operational challenges in patient care. The exclusive BiCore technology integrated into the AVEA ventilator connects you to your patient like no other ventilator.

The AVEA ventilator automates many of the routine tasks you face every day, allowing you to focus on what is most important—your patient.  Modes include:

  • Automated MIP/NIF, AutoPEEP and Slow Flow maneuvers
  • Programmable oxygen increase
  • Artificial airway compensation
  • Leak compensation

The AVEA ventilator provides a comprehensive array of modes and advanced features that keep you focused on your patient, not the equipment:

  • Volumetric capnography—Equipped with this option, the AVEA ventilator adds another key piece of information to provide improved monitoring of patient condition. When tied with exclusive BiCore technology, this powerful tool provides the most comprehensive monitoring array of any ventilator available.
  • Precision gas delivery system—Supplies accurate tidal volumes from 2 mL to 2.5 L and was the first of its kind to automatically compensate for heliox gas delivery.
  • On-board compressor—The optional on-board air compressor can meet your patient’s needs whether in the intensive care unit (ICU) or moving to computerized tomography (CT) scan. This powerful scroll compressor can only be found on the AVEA ventilator and is capable of operating the ventilator for up to two hourson battery.
  • Communication—Three different serial protocols can be selected from the utility screen to simplify integration with hospital information systems or remotealarm monitoring.

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