Apr 03, 2024/ COMPANY NEWS

Mindray A5 Anesthesia Machines and BeneVision monitors demonstration

🚨Check out our refurbished Mindray equipment lineup (Now Available!)

🧑‍⚕️Mindray A5 Anesthesia Machine Specifications:

- DOM: 2020
- Versatile ventilation options (includes neonatal indication)
- Manual/spontaneous breathing mode
- User-friendly touchscreen interface
- Adjustable LED lighting
- Accurate tidal volume maintenance
- Blended gas delivery system
- High-pressure oxygen port
- Condensation-resistant breathing system
- Seamless EMR integration

🖥️Mindray BeneVision N15/N12 Monitor Specifications:

- DOM: 2020
- 10 waveforms (N15) & 8 waveforms (N12)
- Auto-brightness detection for clarity
- Wide viewing angle for enhanced visibility
- Multi-parameter monitoring capabilities
- Standard vital sign monitoring features
- Extensive data storage capacity
- Quick access to ECG reports

🖥️Mindray BeneVision N1 Module Specifications (Also Available):

- DOM: 2020
- Lightweight and portable design
- Dual-core processor
- Expandable storage options
- Touchscreen interface
- Multi-tasking functionality
- Many connectivity options

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