• Vein Viewer Vision - Vein Scanner
  • Vein Viewer Vision - Vein Scanner

Vein Viewer Vision - Vein Scanner

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Universal A benefit for all your patients. The brightest and most accurate direct-projection, baseline mode available. Ideal for minimizing surface structures such as hair and wrinkles.
Fine Detail Enhances finer structures, ideal for identifying small veins in pediatric or sclerotherapy patients.
Inverse Allows you to switch colors within the image window. This unique feature assists clinicians in customizing the projected image based on factors such as skin tone, density of hair follicles and room brightness.
Resize Allows you to choose one of three window sizes, a valuable feature for pediatric patients or when you need to focus on only one vessel.
Image Capture Allows the user to take and store up to 200 static images of patient vasculature on the device and transfer them to a PC for integration to HIS/RIS/PACS. No patient data is captured; HIPAA compliant. Excellent for documentation of vascular access site pre and post access, for setting expectations with aesthetics patients and demonstrating outcomes.
Maximum Brightness Increases our marketing leading image brightness by another 40% for scenarios where greater than standard ambient lighting.
Provides a choice of color for the projected image (green, yellow, white). Allows further customization for the clinician. Clinician can adjust image for varying skin tones and personal preference.

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