• Valleylab FT10 Energy Platform
  • Valleylab FT10 Energy Platform

Valleylab FT10 Energy Platform

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The Valleylab energy portfolio’s best-in-class advanced energy and electrosurgery devices are all powered by smart generators that manage energy delivery with precision- enabling algorithms. The Valleylab FT10 energy platform’s technology improves all surgical applications for the entire portfolio. 

The built-in smart TissueFect tissue sensing technology in the Valleylab FT10 energy platform improves the speed and consistency of hand-held devices by reading tissue composition in real time.

This device has:
  • Lower max jaw temperatures
  • Faster sealing times (1-4 seconds vs. 3-6 seconds with ForceTriadTM energy platform)
  • Automatic power settings require minimal setup and minimize need for further handling during surgery
  • Simple, intuitive controls and information displays

The ValleylabTM FT10 energy platform is simple to use, improves performance and takes up less room in the OR.

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