• Stryker Laparoscopic System 1588 HD
  • Stryker Laparoscopic System 1588 HD
  • Stryker Laparoscopic System 1588 HD

Stryker Laparoscopic System 1588 HD

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- 1588 AIM Console with 1588 integrated AIM Camera: High-definition camera system designed to help distinguish critical anatomy with 9 dedicated surgical camera specialty settings and 5 advanced imaging modalities: ENV, IRIS, Clarity, DRE, and DESAT

- L10 LED Light source: The LED light source provides real-time endoscopic visibility and near-infrared fluorescence imaging. This enables you to perform minimally invasive surgery using standard endoscopic visible light as well as visual assessment of vessels, blood flow, related tissue perfusion and biliary anatomy near-infrared imaging. In addition, visualization technology to transilluminate the ureters with our IRIS U-kits is available.

- 45 liter Pneumosure XL Insufflator: The Stryker PneumoSure 45L Insufflator provides dependable performance and enhanced safety in today’s operating room. With a fully integrated color touchscreen, a spring loaded tube set, and multiple insufflation modes, the Stryker PneumoSure 45L is designed to keep up with even the most demanding environments.

- SDC3 HD image Management System: SDC3 technology allows you to create a customized operating room environment, while providing a consistent and efficient experience.

- 26" Vision Pro LED Monitor: Continuing Stryker’s legacy of best in class surgical visualisation, the VisionPro 26” LED Display is designed to optimise the surgical image and enhance the experience in the operating theatre. The increased brightness, contrast, and custom gamma curves provide surgeons improved clarity and colour reproduction across all surgical specialties. 

As the leader in endoscopic video systems and integrated operating rooms, Stryker possesses a great understanding of the challenges posed by various surgical environments. The VisionPro 26” LED Display was designed with a protective layer to reduce accidental panel damage. The double-sided antireflective coating on the protective layer also reduces glare and reflection, which is often experienced in the theatre.

- Standard video cart kit.

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