• Storz HD Video Laparoscopy System
  • Storz HD Video Laparoscopy System

Storz HD Video Laparoscopy System

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  • Monitor HD Wide View 
  • Image 1 HD Camera 
  • Xenon 300 watts Light Source
  • 30 Litrs Hi Flow Insuflaitor 
  • Cart

Cameras, light sources and documentation

KARL STORZ is one of the pioneers in the field of endoscopic imaging. Milestones such as the first FULL HD endoscope camera worldwide was succeeded by the KARL STORZ FULL HD 3D system for endoscopy. Enhanced sensor technology with higher resolution and innovations in display technology as well as high-performance image processing electronics leads to continuous further developments.

In addition to high-end cameras for rigid and flexible endoscopy, the product range from KARL STORZ also offers mobile all-in-one solutions for human and veterinary medicine with its integrated LED light source, LED backlight monitor and documentation unit.

The product spectrum for the aspect of illumination ranges from the high-intensity XENON to the modern LED light source through to the mobile battery light source.

The FULL HD system from KARL STORZ is modular in design and can, therefore, be optimally adapted to suit various requirements. This modular design principle makes it easier to expand the system and guarantees a high degree of future-proofing. Various S-Technologies enable surgeons to modify the endoscopic image through homogeneous illumination or by increasing the dynamic contrast. In addition, color hue shifting makes it easier to differentiate between tissue types.

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