• StealthStation S7 Surgical Navigation System
  • StealthStation S7 Surgical Navigation System

StealthStation S7 Surgical Navigation System

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The StealthStation® S7® Medtronic’s seventh generation surgical navigation system, offers many benefits to the surgeon and OR staff:

  • Intraoperative Imaging Integration – The StealthStation S7 interfaces with multiple intraoperative imaging systems, including iMRI, iCT, C-arms, and the O-arm® System – Medtronic’s 3D imaging and 2D fluoroscopy system
  • Tracking Technologies – Surgeons can choose between Medtronic’s advanced optical surgical navigation camera, or the electromagnetic system
  • High Resolution, Wide-Screen Monitor – The system comes standard with a 24 inch (61 cm) high-resolution widescreen monitor, providing surgeons a view of navigation images
  • Easy Access to Pre-Op Exams – Many options to access pre-op exams via CD, USB and DICOM Query/ Retrieve.
    • 2-cart design for flexible positioning of surgeon and staff monitors
    • 50% smaller footprint than the previous StealthStation
    • High fidelity, MP3-ready sound system
    • Works in docked or undocked positions
    • Electromagnetic tracking system can be used from its discreet location on a StealthStation S7  System or attached to the OR bedrail
    • Longer camera handle and laser button make it easier to aim the surgical navigation camera from any position
    • Uninterrupted power systems that allow you to unplug the surgical navigation system without losing data

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