• Siemens Multix Top Rad Room
  • Siemens Multix Top Rad Room

Siemens Multix Top Rad Room

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Modular X-ray systems for radiographic applications

When it‘s a question of accurate diagnoses, imaging procedures such as X-ray examinations are still indispensable.

With Siemens, you‘ll find a reliable partner with more than 100 years of experience in classic radiography – experience from which your hospital or private practice can benefit.

MULTIX TOP and MULTIX PRO for radiographic rooms are prime examples of this experience. MULTIX radiographic systems feature outstanding image quality with minimal dose and provide a first-rate basis for diagnoses. They make repeat exposures a thing of the past and get the images to the physician fast.

Radiological technologists will appreciate the system‘s flexibility and advantages such as simple operation, easy accessibility, and a large range of movement with respect to the X-ray assembly and patient positioning.

The flexibility allows the technologist to concentrate on the patient. Improved quality of life for all through efficient health care – just as it should be.

Modular X-ray systems for radiographic applications The MULTIX family of radiographic systems features a modular design that allows you to tailor the configuration to meet your diagnostic needs:

  • lungs, skeletal system, trauma
  • bedside exposures
  • routine, emergency room diagnostics
  • orthopedic applications
  • tomographic exposures

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