• Siemens Lithosar Modularis
  • Siemens Lithosar Modularis

Urology System Siemens Lithosar Modularis

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In lithotripsy, inefficient shock wave systems lead to higher retreatment and may increase patient dissatisfaction.

With the urology system Modularis, you can improve patient outcomes in stone treatment by offering gentle, highly effective electromagnetic stone disintegration and viewing even tiny stones in crisp, low-dose and Full View FD images. Configure the modular platform to meet your clinical needs and budget. And benefit from multifunctional utilization from lithotripsy and endourology to shock wave therapy. 

  • Effective – high stone-free rate at first treatment
  • Multifunctional – ready to cover endourology and more
  • Modular – truly flexible to meet your individual needs

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