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Sammons and Preston Scanmed Pneumatic Tourniquet System

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Scandmed Tourniquet Systems are electric-powered tourniquets that feature a nickel/metal hybrid NiMH backup battery. The backup system provides battery power for two hours on the single and one hour for the double units. 

In addition to the sleek aluminum and polished stainless steel design, the updated units feature faster inflate and deflate times. They have more distinct touch buttons, clearer, easy-to-read display and a special IVRA button on the double unit to facilitate Bier Block procedures. Scandmed Tourniquet Systems feature LuerLock quick-connect/disconnect air hose couplings. 

Scandmed Tourniquet Systems also feature microprocessors that monitor overall function during all operational phases. System alarms provide both audible and visual indicators for possible hazardous conditions. Alarms include low pressure, low battery capacity, leaks, kinks, elapsed time and start-up checks. 

Air pressure operational range, delivered to the cuff, is 9- to 550mmHg. Accuracy of the reading is +/-5mmHg or +/-2%, whichever is greatest. Cuff pressure regulation (hysteresis) is +/- 8mmHg. Both Scandmed units feature an aluminum clamp for attachment to an infusion stand or IV pole.

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