• Qube Compact Monitor
  • Qube Compact Monitor

Qube Compact Monitor

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Inspired by simplicity and style, qube breaks with tradition to offer a fresh, new perspective in compact monitoring. Small and lightweight with a battery life that goes the distance, qube offers portability, accessibility and heightened connectivity—perfect for emergency-, general-, intensive- and post-anesthesia care units. Caregivers can access current, critical patient information— from bedside throughout transport—to provide the ultimate level of patient care.


qube is mountable anywhere – wall, roll-stand, bed rail, anesthesia system – or can quickly be detached via a quick release feature for immediate mobility. long battery life and dual battery capability keep qube on the go everywhere your patient goes. Impact resistant, chemical resistant, and protected from liquid ingress, qube endures even with heavy use. full functionality in a compact package. 

Capno Pod

The new Capno Pod measures end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2), minimum CO2, and respiration rate to help determine your patient’s ventilatory, circulatory, and metabolic status. Designed especially for the Qube monitor, it is suitable for use on patients of all ages.


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