• Phototherapy Lamp Natus- Neoblue
  • Phototherapy Lamp Natus- Neoblue

Phototherapy Lamp Natus- Neoblue

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  • With a simple flip of a switch, change from standard (15 μW/cm2/nm) to intensive (35 μ W/cm2/nm) phototherapy Unique red target light enables precise centering of light over baby
  • Can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, and tilted over a wide angle range Rubber feet supplied allow stable placement directly onto incubator
  • Roll Stand Includes gas shock mechanism, which maintains a safe pole position during height adjustments
  • Base designed to slide easily under a majority of incubators and cribs
  • Optimal Efficiency neoBLUE LEDs reduce costly and time-consuming bulb replacements 
  • Life testing has shown neoBLUE LEDs can emit high-intensity phototherapy for over 50,000 hours
  • Biomedical engineers can adjust the output of the neoBLUE LEDs using a potentiometer 
  • neoBLUE LED panel is field serviceable – no downtime associated with patient care
  • Available Light Drape designed to block light from caregivers. 

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