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  • Novation DR Mammomat Siemens Mammography

Novation MammomatDR Siemens Mammography

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Going digital presents a unique opportunity to optimize the entire clinical workflow in mammography. Now the opportunity is more compelling than ever as Siemens Medical

Solutions, a leader in high-quality imaging and networking solutions, introduces its digital mammography system, MAMMOMAT® NovationDR . MAMMOMAT NovationDR combines the proven and favorite features of MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova analog mammography system with the latest digital full-field technology. It offers the best of both worlds – and so much more.

With MAMMOMAT NovationDR you gain all the advantages of a digital system, plus all the patient comfort and user-friendly features of

MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova:

  • SoftSpeed  slows down the compression plate after its initial contact with the breast and then adjusts the speed according to compression resistance
  • Opcomp®  compresses only as long as the breast is soft and pliable and stops at the point of optimal compression for maximum image quality
  • Opdose®  automatically selects the best anode/filter combination (Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh, W/Rh) and the lowest dose for the individual breast characteristics
  • Isocentric and motorized movements of the swivel arm enable precise and easy positioning of the breast in all projections.

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