• Newport e500 Ventilator
  • Newport e500 Ventilator

Newport e500 Ventilator

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Neonatal ventilator for effective breath management with enhanced safety features and expanded monitoring. The device offers direct access to all ventilation controls along with other frequently used functions such as Inspiratory & Expiratory Hold, 3 minute O2, Pre-Silence Alarm and Preset Vent Settings. Ventilator-set bias flow flushes exhaled CO2 and stabilizes temperature, humidity and baseline pressure in the patient breathing circuit. Slope/Rise Adjustment, Expiratory (Cycling-off) Threshold and automatic leak compensation.

  • Dual Control Breath Management.
  • Preset Vent Setting for mode, Breath type, and settings can be preset without affecting current ventilator operation.
  • Circuit Compliance Compensation (calculate and enable breathing circuit compliance of flow/volume delivery), Altitude Compensation, Violation Message Log.
  • Non-invasive Ventilation, Compatible with mask ventilation for continuous or short-term use.
  • O2 Calibration
  • Pre-Silence Alarm suspends ventilation while delivering continuous flow after a planned disconnect.
  • Events History Log

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