• Mortara Eli 280 12-Lead Resting ECG
  • Mortara Eli 280 12-Lead Resting ECG

Mortara Eli 280 12-Lead Resting ECG

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Product Features

• High-Resolution Color Touchscreen LCD — 10.1” high-resolution color touchscreen LCD that displays up to 12 leads of ECG data for immediate review and plotting.

• Distinguished VERITAS® Resting ECG Interpretation Algorithm — Widely recognized interpretive algorithm uses gender-specific, adult and pediatric criteria to provide a silent second opinion for resting ECG interpretation. Displays hook-up confirmation, which includes detection of lead reversals.

• Data Security — Securing ePHI is promoted with centralized device access controls that are integrated with LDAP or Active Directory service. Additionally, encryption both at rest and in transit protects ePHI from the ELI 280 ECG to the server.

• Best 10 — The ELI 280 ECG evaluates ECG signal and noise to determine and select the 10 seconds of data with the least amount of noise. Best 10 simplifies ECG acquisition by reducing clinical review time and eliminating the need for repeat ECGs.

• Information Exchange — Bidirectional communication via LAN or wireless LAN enables connectivity to Pyramis®, HeartCentrix®, E-Scribe™ and Athena products, as well as to third-party EHR, PACS and CVIS systems. The device also communicates to the ECG Safe™ system, a cloud-based service that provides an easy, effective way to store ECGs for convenient viewing and file management from anywhere.

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