• Mindray / Datascope AS 3000 Anesthesia Machine
  • Mindray / Datascope AS 3000 Anesthesia Machine

Mindray / Datascope AS 3000 Anesthesia Machine

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The Mindray Datascope AS3000 is a continuous flow anesthesia system which offers manual or automatic ventilation, easily adjustable fresh gas delivery, anesthetic agent delivery, ventilation monitoring, convenient ergonomics, and state-of-the-art safety systems.

  • Multiple ventilator modes including: Pressure Controlled Ventilation (PCV), Pressure Support Ventilation (PS), Synchronized intermittent mandatory Ventilation (SIMV) and Volume Controlled Ventilation (CMV)      
  • The warmed breathing system (35°C) virtually eliminates internal condensation      
  • The auxiliary O2 / air flowmeters provide a built-in method of regulating O2 concentration      
  • Remote, dedicated 10.4" color display, adjustable for maximum visibility of ventilator information      
  • Standard, dual flowmeters for oxygen, nitrous oxide and air      
  • Traditional CO2 absorber system uses standard prepacks or loose fill absorbent      
  • Navigator knob and touch keys speed access to commonly used functions      
  • Fresh Gas Compensation ensures consistent tidal volume when changing fresh gas flow rates      
  • Three full-width, spacious drawers allow complete visibility of contents      
  • Interactive system checks advance rapidly for immediate equipment use      
  • Automatic Compliance Compensation ensures accurate tidal volumes with a wide range of breathing circuits


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