• Metro CodeResponse Flexline Cart
  • Metro CodeResponse Flexline Cart

Metro CodeResponse Flexline Cart

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In an emergency situation, life-saving equipment and supplies need to be delivered quickly and safely. Maneuverability, organization, and access become key elements in supporting life-saving care at the code site, enabling the code team to simultaneously access and work around the cart.

Quick & Easy:

A. A proper defibrillator arm will swing away from the cart to clear access to the cart top and will swivel to allow access to controls and display.

B. The patented 5th wheel steering mechanism on Lifeline provides ultimate control to the code and full maneuverability around the patient.

C. Organization outside and inside the cart is crucial to find the needed supply quickly. Drawer trays and dividers are available in 3" (76mm) & 6" (152mm) heights

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