• Logiq F8 - GE Healthcare Ultrasound
  • Logiq F8 - GE Healthcare Ultrasound

Logiq F8 - GE Healthcare Ultrasound

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You can diagnose with confidence with the LOGIQ F8™

An ultrasound machine is an important piece of equipment for a urologist. And even more important for your patients. We've designed the high-quality LOGIQ F8  to help you deliver quality patient care. The LOGIQ F8 has many features and advancements that urologists are looking for in a new ultrasound system, including:

  • Image quality - Visualize superficial and deep anatomy with excellent penetration. Advanced features like Speckle Reduction Imaging (SRI) help enhance resolution for image clarity
  • Productivity - Auto-Optimization to quickly adjust image quality with the touch of a button
  • Patient comfort - Smaller endocavitary E8Cs-RS probe offers wider field of view
  • Simplified connectivity - Wired and wireless options streamline archiving and communication
  • Onboard reporting - Store reports with exam details and images as a PDF for the EMR
  • Urology-specific applications - new BE9CS-RS bi-plane probe is designed for prostate imaging; B-flow™ hemodynamic imaging helps detect small and difficult to visualize vessels

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