• GE Healthcare OEC 9600 C-Arm
  • GE Healthcare OEC 9600 C-Arm

GE Healthcare OEC 9600 C-Arm

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The GE OEC 9600 C-arm is a mobile X-ray system that combines enhanced fluoroscopic imaging with the ability to take film radiographs. The OEC 9600 can be used in a variety of diagnostic and surgical applications.


The C-arm can orbit in its cradle through an arc of 115 degrees. The back of the C-Arm is marked with an angular scale to aid in positioning. The 9600 can also pivot on its cradle axis up to 180 degrees. This provides greater versatility in positioning the X-ray tube and image intensifier by allowing them to revers or flip-flop their relative positions. The L-Arm of the C-arm can be rotated up to 180 degrees allowing up to 360 degree rotation. The L-arm is rotated with an internal motor using the motorized rotation buttons on the top of the C-arm control panel. For even more positioning the C-arm also has a vertical lift. It can be raised up to 18-inches (46 cm). The vertical lift is also controlled by a motor and can be operated with the motorized column life buttons on the top of the c-arm control panel. The GE 9600 can also be extended up to 8-inches (20cm). The entire C-arm and L-arm assembly can swing, or wig-wag from side to side up to 11 degrees both directions.

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