• GE DMR Plus Analog Mammography System with Fujifilm ClearView-1m CR (Combo)
  • GE DMR Plus Analog Mammography System with Fujifilm ClearView-1m CR (Combo)
  • GE DMR Plus Analog Mammography System with Fujifilm ClearView-1m CR (Combo)

GE DMR Plus Analog Mammography System with Fujifilm ClearView-1m CR (Combo)

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GE DMR Plus Analog Mammography System

GE Senographe DMR Plus offers the patient a hands free compression exam with compression paddles, has 5 photocells for a wider range of breast placement, digital angulation display, and vertical height adjustment to allow more interaction with the patient, a two Patient Bucky's measuring 18×24 and 24×30 come standard, as does dual footswitch providing easy operation for the technologist. The machine boasts superb image quality with its Maxi Ray x-ray tube and the SharpIQ grid system for cleaner images. It employs a unique, patented bi-metal mammography tube with a Rhodium track for superior imaging of the most challenging breast tissues.

Over the years, GE's Senographe series has set the performance standards by which all other mammography systems are measured. Our engineers have developed one innovation after another, advancing the state of the science - and firmly establishing Senographe as the world leader, with the largest mammography installed base.

Their latest contribution is the development of the Senographe DMR+. Based on a legacy of image quality leadership, plus innovation. New user friendly features such as 5 photocells for a wider range of breast placement, to digital angulation display, hands-free compression, and vertical height adjustment allow more interaction with the patient.

Fujifilm ClearView-1m CR

High Resolution Digital Mammography

ClearView-1m is designed to complement the ClearView-CSm high resolution multi-plate CR reader. Like the ClearView-CSm it employs dual-side reading technology and 50-micron sampling capability. Images can be acquired on both 18 x 24 cm and 24 x 30 cm-sized IP (imaging plate) cassettes. The ergonomically designed single drive unit, and Fujifilm’s unique IP reading technology, provide a throughput of up to 45 - 18 x 24 cm IPs per hour.*

Dual-side Reading with 50-micron Sampling

Like the ClearView-CSm, the ClearView-1m has dual-side mammography reading capability so captured x-ray information can be read from both sides of the IP simultaneously. And with 50-micron sampling (20 pixels/mm), the spatial resolution provided by the ClearView-1m dramatically reduces the difficulty of interpreting the limited contrast and narrow exposure latitude associated with screen-film mammography.

In-room or Centralized Multi-modality Capability

With ClearView-1m, you can easily convert your mammography units to digital. For high throughput, the ClearView-1m is ideal for in-room siting.† Installing the reader in this manner allows you to use your existing analog unit for digital mammography without the technologist having to leave the exam room. The ClearView-1m also reads standard IPs for general radiographic procedures. The system has the flexibility to process all standard sized cassettes for general radiographic work. Located in a central location, this versatile, multi-tasking feature makes the unit suitable for digital radiographic applications beyond those for mammography. It can be particularly valuable in a clinic where a single FCR reader can be used to produce high definition digital mammography and general radiographic digital images.

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