• Fujifilm Long View Cassette
  • Fujifilm Long View Cassette

Fujifilm Long View Cassette

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Fujifilm features a comprehensive set of tools to automate scoliosis and long-leg studies with FCR. FCR’s image stitching solutions minimize error and enhance workflow for technologists.

  • Fujifilm Long View Cassettes
  • Fujifilm Automatic Image Stitching Software
  • Advanced Image Processing to optimize the Stitched Image

Automatic Image Stitching Software Fujifilm’s Automatic Image Stitching Software enables display of the entire spine or lower extremities on a single image. 

  • Composes up to three individual images
  • Automatically merges images together by aligning markers on the image. Manual adjustments can be applied if necessary.
  • Image processing is applied to optimize resulting image display.
  • Simply select the proper menu and the Flash IIP console Autostitch software can take care of the rest

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