• Fujifilm ClearView-1m CR
  • Fujifilm ClearView-1m CR
  • Fujifilm ClearView-1m CR
  • Fujifilm ClearView-1m CR

Fujifilm ClearView-1m CR

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High Resolution Digital Mammography

ClearView-1m is designed to complement the ClearView-CSm high resolution multi-plate CR reader. Like the ClearView-CSm it employs dual-side reading technology and 50-micron sampling capability. Images can be acquired on both 18 x 24 cm and 24 x 30 cm-sized IP (imaging plate) cassettes. The ergonomically designed single drive unit, and Fujifilm’s unique IP reading technology, provide a throughput of up to 45 - 18 x 24 cm IPs per hour.*

Dual-side Reading with 50-micron Sampling

Like the ClearView-CSm, the ClearView-1m has dual-side mammography reading capability so captured x-ray information can be read from both sides of the IP simultaneously. And with 50-micron sampling (20 pixels/mm), the spatial resolution provided by the ClearView-1m dramatically reduces the difficulty of interpreting the limited contrast and narrow exposure latitude associated with screen-film mammography.

In-room or Centralized Multi-modality Capability

With ClearView-1m, you can easily convert your mammography units to digital. For high throughput, the ClearView-1m is ideal for in-room siting.† Installing the reader in this manner allows you to use your existing analog unit for digital mammography without the technologist having to leave the exam room. The ClearView-1m also reads standard IPs for general radiographic procedures. The system has the flexibility to process all standard sized cassettes for general radiographic work. Located in a central location, this versatile, multi-tasking feature makes the unit suitable for digital radiographic applications beyond those for mammography. It can be particularly valuable in a clinic where a single FCR reader can be used to produce high definition digital mammography and general radiographic digital images.

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