• Dräger Globe-Trotter GT5400 Neonatal Transport System
  • Dräger Globe-Trotter GT5400 Neonatal Transport System

Dräger Globe-Trotter GT5400 Neonatal Transport System

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At Dräger, we understand the volatile conditions of neonatal transport and created a system that addresses the clinical needs of the baby, the practical needs of the clinicians, and the logistical requirements of the transport team. 
The Dräger Globe-Trotter GT5400 Neonatal Transport System is a result of our ongoing commitment to developing a safer and more stable system that moves seamlessly from vehicle to vehicle – by land or by air.
The GT5400 incorporates high-performance components that are essential for the care of a neonate, including:
  • Incubator
  • Ventilator
  • All necessary connections
This solution was designed as a mobile intensive care unit for your most precious cargo.
Nurturing for the baby:
  • Stable thermoregulation: protects the infant against sudden thermal changes during transport
  • Respiratory support and active respiratory humidity: offers a choice of two ventilators and an active respiratory humidity option
  • Flexible and ergonomic gas management: easy-to-exchange gas tanks can be configured with two, three, or four tanks for longer transports
Safe for everyone involved:
  • Fully certified neonatal transport solution: meets or exceeds global air and ground requirements
  • Integrated dampener system: lessens the impact of vibration on the baby during transport
  • Seamless mechanical connectivity and compatibility: reduces cost and simplifies logistics with one system for helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft, and ambulances
Easy for the caregiver:
  • Front-facing controls: ensures that gauges, controls, and displays are easily accessible and visible at all times 
  • Ergonomic design and easy access: puts all instruments at your fingertips
  • Configurable system: meets your hospital and logistical requirements
  • Cable management and storage: safely consolidates all cables
  • One-stop service: Dräger team maintains all components

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