• Dicom - Medical Printers C711DM

Dicom - Medical Printers C711DM

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Combining digital LED printing technology with embedded DIACOM software, the sophisticated C711 DM seamlessly integrates with clinical systems, enabling dentists, vets, hospitals and clinics to print medical imaging on standard media formats in vibrant, HD colour and in sizes up to A4. Cost-effective and versatile, alongside non-diagnostic images the C711 DM is also ideal for general office printing.

Medical imaging - Suitable for nuclear medicine, CT/ MRI scans, Ultrasound and X-ray

From dental, veterinary, hospital or clinic x-rays to nuclear medicine and MRI, CT and ultrasound scans, the C711 DM prints high-quality medical images for non-diagnostic use, or for patients and clients to take away.

  • Recommended usage - Nuclear medicine, ultrasound, MRI/CT scans, x-rays
  • High-quality non-diagnostic mono and colour printing of medical images
  • Specific colour and mono rendering optimised for medical images 

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