• Cub Pediatric Crib Stryker FL-19H
  • Cub Pediatric Crib Stryker FL-19H

Cub Pediatric Crib Stryker FL-19H

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Responsible pediatric care demands a crib specifically designed around safety, access and ease-of-use.  The  Cub  Pediatric  Crib  supports  safe  and  efficient  care  practices  while  the  warm,  friendly appearance cultivates a healing environment for small children and their families. Exclusive safety advancements  include   low-impact  siderails  with  thinner,  wider  slats  and  four  independent siderails  that  provide  unobstructed  patient  access  when  lowered  and  complete  coverage  when raised. An optional protective top, equipped with intermediate support positions on each side,  is also available.

The Cub's 4 independent, low impact siderails incorporate a slatted design, and offer 360° of unobstructed access for the caregivers.

  • Retractable fifth wheel.
  • Retractable backrest.
  • Optional protective top.
  • Optional integrated scale.
  • Optional hydraulic controls.

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