• 3502 EZ SLIDE
  • 3502 EZ SLIDE


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The 3502 EZ Slide surgical table permits full body imaging at the click of a button. With 21" of top slide, the patient can be effortlessly moved throughout the imaging window at the simple command of the hand-held control. The low profile base will not get in the way of movable imaging equipment and the low table height can accommodate seated surgeons. With its impressive 700 lb lift capacity, this table is also an ideal solution for bariatric cases.


  • 21” top slide
  • 700 lb lift and 600 lb articulation weight capacity
  • Articulation weight capacity is never compromised by top slide
  • 7-5/8” slide to head
  • 13-1/8” slide to foot
  • Removable leg section simplifies accessory setup
  • Table height adjustable from 26” to 44-7/8”
  • Low table height allows surgical team to comfortably operate at waist height on bariatric patients
  • Low table height can still accommodate imaging equipment due to slim profile table base
  • 20° lateral tilt
  • 25° Trendelenburg and 20° reverse Trendelenburg
  • Pendant control is durable and features an inexpensive rebuild program that eliminates the need for costly replacement

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