Who We Are

First Medical International, Corp. has over 25 years of experience in the medical equipment wholesale industry.

During the last two decades we have acted as a distribution channel for a grand variety of products within the medical field; this has allowed us to obtain a particular experience and knowledge of the actual needs caused by the various ongoing changes that are present in this market.

Our dynamic has facilitated us to diversify and adapt to the continuous technological advances, which in turn has allowed us to bring our to our clients new technological options to increase their performance in the health care industry and thus provide better service to their patients.

Our mission is to keep advancing technologically and to continue the task of bringing these new technologies to our clients in order to promote mutual growth.

We believe that the advancement of technology can minimize surgical time, administrative costs, as well as increase the volume of care resulting in better outcomes.

Our mission has and will always be to provide support to our clients acting as a strategic partner to find the best result in the development of any project, seeking mutual benefit granted in a professional and responsible manner.