• Siemens Servo Screen 390
  • Siemens Servo Screen 390

Siemens Servo Screen 300 A Ventilator

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The thinking behind all Siemens ventilators is simple – gentle ventilation and weaning the patient off mechanical ventilation as quickly as possible. The Servo Ventilator 300 is a case in point; combining multiple ventilation modes and ultra-rapid response, the Servo Ventilator 300 supports your patient by reducing the work of breathing, and by responding instantly to the patient’s changing needs. The result is often a tangible reduction in ICU time, providing better care for the patient and more effective use of resources. One ventilator for all

The Servo Ventilator 300 is designed to address the very different requirements of adult, pediatric and neonatal patients in one instrument. Preset ranges for all relevant flow and volume parameters are automatically adjusted with a patient range selection knob. Your own preferred treatment parameters can then be safely and flexibly customized. This ability to ventilate any patient with the Servo Ventilator 300’s comprehensive range of features means that you can move the ventilator wherever it’s most needed so there’s no more need for specific ventilators for specific ICUs.

Flexible and gentle

The Servo Ventilator 300 offers a wide range of ventilation modes for supported and controlled ventilation. It offers modes like PRVC (Pressure Regulated Volume Control) and VS (Volume Support) to deliver the required volume at the lowest pressure. And it features an ultra-sensitive triggering system, minimizing the work of breathing and gently but securely working with your patient – there’s no need to fight against the Servo


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