• MINXRAY HF8015+ Portable X-ray
  • MINXRAY HF8015+ Portable X-ray

MINXRAY HF8015+ Portable X-ray

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MinXray's full-wave rectified high frequency units are the most efficient portable x-ray generators in the world. Conventional units (self rectified, line frequency) are only about one-third as efficient as these technologically advanced units. Therefore, considerably more radiation output per pound of system weight is available from the MinXray HF designs. As an added benefit, the output of these units is independent of line voltage variations... a very important feature for field use. 

  • Integrated, Adjustable Dual Laser Pointers: Indicate central ray and distance in bright ambient light conditions
  • Easily Programmed Memory: For storage of 5 exposure techniques
  • mAs/ Time Display Switching Capability
  • Small Focal Spot: Sharper radiogrpahs on all views
  • High Frequency, Full-wave Rectified Power: Supplies more radiographic power pound for pound; no decrease in mA with increased kVDC
  • Automatic Dynamic Line Voltage Compensation: Unequaled repeatability of results

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